Trailers Renovated For Portable Uses

If you showcase your products in different exhibitions throughout the year, you no doubt know the cost you have to pay to hire rental space, and the headache associated with displaying your goods in the rental space and then taking them out to transport them to another exhibition. It seems like a never-ending story of unpacking and packing. You can over all these headaches by hiring, or better yet, purchasing a second hand drop side open trailer. You can easily attach them to your vehicle and tow them with you to the exhibition spot, drop down the sides, and you are ready to exhibit your goods. These are known as exhibition trailers. However, there are many other uses for trailers that are renovated for portable uses. We shall be discussing about a few of them over here.

Portable hospitals

It is extremely difficult to take a heart attack patient to the town/city within 30 minutes and get them admitted to the hospital. According to doctors, the longer one delays from taking a heart attack patient to the hospital, the less is his chance of survival. Portable hospitals consist of trailers that are fitted with emergency medical equipment required to treat the patient within a few minutes of the stroke, ensuring that no time is lost in providing required medical care until the time the patient reaches the hospital. Such units have qualified doctors, nurses, and emergency equipment such as ECG (electrocardiogram), oxygen cylinders, stretchers. Some of them also contain advanced medical gear that allow the doctors to keep a track of the patient's heartbeat and provide him with the medicines essential to prevent him from collapsing. Hospitals purchase standard trailers and outfit them with all the equipment required for converting it into a mini hospital. These trailers increase the odds of a patient surviving in the aftermath of a heart attack.

Food supply trailers

If you are in the food vending business and want to increase your reach, then trailers are unarguably your best option for stocking your food and equipment to keep them hot or cold as the situation demands. You can outfit these trailers with mini refrigerators to keep cold drinks and perishable goods chilled. You can also install an electric or gas-driven over to heat the foods before you serve them to your clients. Since the unit is portable, you can tow it with your car to exhibitions, office areas. You can also take it to the beach and vend cold drinks and ice creams during the summer season. At the end of the day, simply shut the three sides, and tow the trailer to a different location. Many hotel chains make use of such trailers to offer foods at different events.

Refrigerated trailers

They are bigger in size than the normal trailers and are used by the owners of milk and ice cream industries to send their goods from the factory to different states and cities. They are also used to transport fresh produce from the farm to supermarket chains.